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Mrs. Dorothy Udeme Ufot, SAN (Nigeria)

Managing Partner and Founder, Dorothy Ufot & Co. Lagos, Nigeria.
Admitted to the Nigerian Bar, 1989 and admitted as Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) 2009.
Practicing Lawyer engaged in private legal practice since 1990. International Arbitrator and Investment Consultant.

Dorothy has 30 years’ experience in commercial litigation; experience in international commercial arbitration as arbitrator and counsel; and experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Investment Treaty Arbitration and in the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

She has been listed in the Global Arbitration Review’s (GAR) International Who’s Who of Commercial Arbitration Practitioners consecutively from 2009 to 2018 as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of International Arbitration.

Dorothy has practical experience in both Institutional and ad hoc Arbitration having been appointed as an Arbitrator by various arbitral institutions, Federal Government Parastatals, State Governments, major multinational oil corporations and private and public Limited Liability Companies. The types of arbitration disputes include domestic and international construction projects in relation to Oil & Gas, Energy, LNG, Infrastructure Development Projects, Dredging Contracts, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Capital Market disputes. The value of the disputes ranges from Ten Billion Naira to USD 3.2 Billion.

Examples include:

Arbitrator in dispute in respect of Strategic Alliance Agreements for the production and development of hydrocarbon resources in several Oil Mining Leases. Appointed by the Nigerian State Oil Corporation. Value of dispute – USD 3.2 Billion.

Arbitrator dispute in respect of breach of the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding in respect of the ownership and management of equity stake in a company.
Value of dispute- over Ten Billion Naira.

Member of a panel of three Arbitrators in LCIA Arbitration relating to a gas sales agreement.
Value of dispute – USD 1,080,889,309.00

Arbitrator in ICC Arbitration Dispute in respect of a Gas Supply/Refining Contract. Value of dispute USD 303 million.

Arbitrator in dispute in respect of a Production Sharing Contract Concession Agreement. Value of dispute in excess of USD 400 Million.

Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC): sole arbitrator in dispute in respect of supply of labour from India and Pakistan.

Sole arbitrator in LCIA Arbitration relating to breach of an Engagement Contract relating to telecommunications business in Sierra Leone. Value of Dispute in excess of USD 22 Million.

Panel member in Stockholm Chamber of Commerce arbitration: Dispute in respect of an international road construction contract. Value of dispute USD 55 Million.

Party appointed arbitrator in case involving a dredging contract. Value of dispute USD 13 Million.

Appointed to Panel in dispute concerning the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant. Value of dispute USD 45 Million.

Dorothy has been appointed as a member of the ad hoc committee for the annulment proceedings in a number of ICSID cases involving disputes between investors and host countries [International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, Washington D.C.]

ICSID case No. ARB/13/21
ICSID case No. ARB/13/1
ICSID case No. ARB/09/19
ICSID case No. ARB/15/2

Dorothy’s appointments to posts in the ICC and IBA include Vice-Chair of the Arbitration Committee of the IBA; member of the IBA Task Force on Ad Hoc Arbitrator’s Terms; and member of the IBA Task Force on the Implementation of the New York Convention. Member of the ICC Court of Arbitration 2006- 2018.

LANGUAGES: Proficient in spoken and written English.

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Dorothy Ufot & Co.
Legal Practitioners, Investment Consultants and Arbitrators
2nd Floor, Okoi Arikpo House
5, Idowu Taylor Street
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +234-1-4631724
Tel/Fax: +234-1-4631723
Mobile: +234-8037000007
E-mail: dorothy.ufot@dorothyufotandco.com