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John Tackaberry QC (UK)

During his career at the Bar, John Tackaberry QC MA LLM FCIArb FFB has undertaken a wide range of work in the fields of arbitration, advocacy, mediation, adjudication and DRB. As well as work in the UK, he has a great deal of expertise in international disputes throughout Europe, the USA, the West Indies, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India and South America.  He is a member of, or has been admitted to the Bars of California, Ireland, Hong Kong (ad hoc), Malaysia (ad hoc) and New South Wales and is heavily involved in ICC arbitrations.  He has written and contributed to many books and conferences.

Construction cases have included a hotel project in the Gambia; the construction of Fantasy Land in Paris;  a substantial glass walling contract in London; a lift installation contract in Hong Kong; prefabricated housing in Saudi Arabia; the Mercury Court office development in Liverpool;  and the Westminster and Chelsea Hospital building.

Engineering Work has included a gypsum plant in Jordan; the mechanical and electrical contract for the King Saud University; a steel mill in Egypt; a major gas storage and pumping station in Poland; an LPG plant in Malaysia; and underground storage of LPG in Australia.

Commercial work has included a bus contract in Turkey; a share dealing dispute in HK; a commission dispute arising out of Westland v Saudi Arabia (a major case in the 90s); a follow on dispute to the CME television rights dispute; and cases arising out of privatisations in the Czech Republic.

Work at the UNCC involved five years of intensive dispute resolution on a paper only basis utilising a locally based legal team. 196 construction claims were addressed. The total value of the claims exceeded $3 billion.


John Tackaberry QC
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