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Andrew Berkeley (UK)

Before starting his arbitration practice, Andrew Berkeley  held senior legal positions in industry, including General Counsel of the British National Oil Corporation, Legal Director of STC PLC and Legal Director of Laporte PLC.

He has now practised as an international commercial arbitrator for twelve years in significant international disputes, whether ad hoc or under the rules of institutions such as the American Arbitration Association, the London Court of International Arbitration, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce.

He has acted as chairman, party appointed arbitrator and sole arbitrator on numerous occasions. While the arbitrations have covered a broad field of international commerce, he has a speciality in oil and gas related arbitrations and in disputes involving Russia and other CIS countries; some of these cases have involved very large claims and the participation of State parties. He has sat in many centres including London, Paris, Geneva, Vienna, Moscow, New York, Houston, Lagos, Mumbai, Melbourne and Brussels.

He is on the CPR (New York) panel of energy neutrals and on the panels of the International Court of Arbitration of Kazakhstan and of the Arbitration Court of the Urals Oblast (Ekaterinburg).

He is a consultant to ICC (UK) on international trade and investment and, in that capacity, he acts as an expert nominated by British Industry at OECD, Paris, in relation to the negotiation of investment treaties, anti-corruption conventions and guidelines for multinational enterprises

Languages: English, French, German and Russian.


Andrew Berkeley
49 Arden Road
London N3

Tel + 44 (0) 20 8343 4050

Email: aberkeley@aol.com