July 2020

Through the good offices of IDR Group member Serhat Eskiyörük, the IDR Group has been approached by a group of Turkish lawyers who are setting up the Energy Disputes Arbitration Centre (EDAC).

As the name implies, the Centre will provide arbitration services for energy-related matters. Turkey has the potential to act as a suitable neutral venue for such international disputes, particularly in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea/Central Asia regions, and also potentially in North Africa, particularly Libya. Turkey is a potential “bridge” jurisdiction, having an Islamic population with a legal system originally based on the Swiss Civil Code. It is, of course, also a New York Convention State.

Energy disputes can cover a range of issues, including investment disputes, energy supply contracts, joint ventures and the traditional shipping, shipbuilding and engineering and construction issues.

IDR Group member Peter Foreman, whose background is in the oil & gas, shipbuilding and wind energy fields, has agreed to act as liaison for the Group within the new body.