January 2017

Professor Dr Nayla Comair-Obeid

Professor Dr Nayla Comair-Obeid has been elected President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators for 2017, and took up her position as President on the 1st of January.

Previously, Professor Comair-Obeid served as Vice-President and Deputy President of the CIArb (2015-2016) and as Chair of the CIArb’s Board of Trustees (2014).

Founded in 1915 in London, the CIArb is an international centre of excellence for the practice and profession of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  As a not-for-profit, UK registered charity, the CIArb is the leading professional membership organisation representing the interests of ADR practitioners worldwide, with over 14,000 members located in over 130 countries and supported by an international network of 37 branches.  It also acts as a global hub for practitioners, policy makers, academics and those in business, supporting the global promotion, facilitation and development of all ADR methods. The institute members cover the three main ADR disciplines of arbitration, construction adjudication and mediation.

Professor Dr Nayla Comair-Obeid will help represent the goals of the Institute and will examine ‘The Synergy and Divergence between Civil Law and Common Law in International Arbitration’ during her presidential year. The theme will be developed via three conferences targeted to identify the issues and then develop solutions and a pragmatic approach to the understanding and utilisation of both systems within arbitration. This will involve the establishment of high profile steering committees worldwide and the organisation of three large conferences in 2017, which will take place in Dubai (8-9th March 2017), Johannesburg (19-20th July 2017), and Paris (7-8th December 2017).