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Rt Hon Sir Donald McKinnon (N.Z.)

Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand (1990-1996) and Foreign Minister (1990-1999). As Foreign Minister he secured a seat for New Zealand on the United Nations Security Council. He brokered a lasting peace settlement for Bougainville after a decade- long civil conflict, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Named Foreign Minister of the Year (1999) by World Economic Forum magazine. During 21 years as Member of Parliament he also held the positions of Chief Government and Chief Opposition Whip.

Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat from 2000 until 2008, when he completed his second and final term of office. The Commonwealth has over 50 member countries. As Secretary General he appointed emissaries to negotiate at the highest level in Fiji, Tonga, Kenya, The Gambia, Swaziland, The Maldives, Cameroon and Guyana. He sent election observers to more than 22 Commonwealth countries. He personally intervened in the Fiji coup hostage crisis.

International statesman with strong personal and professional relations with 53
Presidents  and /or Prime Ministers of Commonwealth nations. Detailed knowledge of the workings of major government and non – government institutions, including key players all over the world. Has direct linkages with leaders and others throughout the international community eg Secretaries General of United Nations / World Bank / WTO.

Sir Don McKinnon’s background as a politician and as the head of one of the world’s major grouping of States provides him with the necessary experience to offer his services in the sphere of Good Offices.


Rt.Hon. Sir Donald C McKinnon
49 Dell Rd.
Waiau Pa. R.D.4.
Pukekohe  2679
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