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Professor Derek Roebuck (U.K.)

Derek Roebuck, MA (Oxon), MCom (VUW) is a solicitor who has taught and practised law in England, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong.

He is the editor of Arbitration, the Journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Derek is Senior Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Guest Professor at the People’s University of China. He was formerly professor of law (comparative law) in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong.

He has written over forty books on law, legal history and language, including the 7 volume Peking University Press bilingual texts on Hong Kong contract, criminal law and procedure. Recently he has written on the history of dispute resolution: A Miscellany of Disputes (2000), Ancient Greek Arbitration (2001), The Charitable Arbitrator: How to Mediate and Arbitrate in Louis XIV’s France (2002) and Roman Arbitration (2004). He is now working on Early English Arbitration.
Full CV can be seen on www.holobooks.co.uk


Professor Derek Roebuck
20A Plantation Road
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01865 – 513681
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Email: roebuck@btinternet.com