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Anne Laure Bandle (Switzerland)

Anne Laure Bandle has co-directed the Art Law Foundation in Geneva since January 2014. In this capacity she organises seminars on art related legal issues in Geneva and London, bringing together experts from the art market, law and academia. She is a guest lecturer in art and cultural heritage law at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is a trainee lawyer at the law firm FRORIEP.

Anne Laure holds a PhD in law from the University of Geneva. Her thesis – under the joint supervision of Professor Marc-André Renold, Director of the Art-Law Centre, University of Geneva, and Professor Tatiana Flessas of the LSE – was on the subject of “sleepers” (an example of a work of art whose value had gone undiscovered is a “jug” catalogued as a French claret jug by auctioneers in Somerset, England at a value of £200-£300; it was ultimately sold at Christie’s for a sum in excess £3 million, having been authenticated as a 10th century ewer).

She worked for 5 years as a teaching assistant in art and cultural property law at the Art-Law Centre, Geneva, and as a research assistant on a study sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) on “Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Art-Law”. One of the study’s main outcomes is an Art-Law ADR platform entitled ArThemis, which provides a record of all cultural property disputes on a national and international level that have been resolved by means of an ADR mechanism.

Anne Laure is a member of the IDR Group’s Art Law Section.

Languages: Anne Laure is fluent in French, English, and German.


Anne Laure Bandle
Law Department
London School of Economics and Political Science

Art Law Foundation, Geneva: bandle@artlawfoundation.com