Art Law

The Group has created a new Section dealing with Art Law.

The Art Law Section is headed by Marc-André Renold. He is Professor of art and cultural heritage law at the University of Geneva, Director of the Art-Law Centre of the University of Geneva, and holder of the UNESCO Chair on “The International Law of the Protection of Cultural Heritage”. Marc-André is also Attorney-at-law, Member of the Geneva Bar, and a partner in Wenger Plattner, based in Geneva. His areas of practice are, among others, art and cultural heritage law, intellectual property, and public and private international law.

The web site of the Art-Law Centre of the University of Geneva says that “The astonishing expansion of the art market and the increased promotion of culture over the course of the past thirty years – notably caused by the growth in the international exchange of art and cultural property – have raised numerous legal questions which explain why an institution specializing in the study of art law was created. Because of the idiosyncratic legal problems that have emerged in the province of art and culture, art law has more and more become a branch of law in and of itself. It encompasses all the aspects of law that are connected with the creation, exhibition, reproduction, sale and transfer of property of both works of art and cultural objects. Art law also intersects with legal fields as varied as international law (both public and private), property law, copyright, insurance, customs and tax law.”

In June 2010 the Art-Law Centre launched a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation to look into the potential use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms in relation to the settlement of art-related disputes. The use of ADR may be particularly useful in relation to claims concerned with the restitution of cultural works of art (see at: http://www.art-law.org/centre/organisation_en.html).

The Art-Law Centre is linked to the Art-Law Foundation. Established in Geneva more than 20 years ago, the Foundation’s aim is to promote and coordinate research in the field of art law. It supports the research and teaching activities of the Art-Law Centre and collaborates with it on the organisation of conferences and workshops. Currently, the Art-Law Foundation has over 500 active members and supporters from the legal community, museums, auction houses, galleries, banks and insurance companies (see at: http://www.art-law.org/fondation/presentation_en.html).

Working with Professor Marc-André Renold is Dr. Alessandro Chechi. He is a post-doctoral researcher at the Art-Law Centre and a lecturer in public international law at the Université Catholique of Lille. His fields of research include international cultural heritage law, international dispute settlement and international organizations.

The members of the IDR Group’s Section on Art Law are Professor Marc-André Renold, Dr. Alessandro Chechi, Anne Laure Bandle, Tom Christopherson, Georgina Adam, Gareth Fletcher and Anthony Connerty.

In November 2019 the Group joined with Istanbul law firm Hergüner Bilgen & Ozeke and SYZ Private Banking in an “Art and Law” atelier. The event was staged at the Esma Sultan Mansion in Istanbul. The atelier offered a discussion forum on the salient legal aspects of creating, investing in, managing, and displaying works of fine art through the participation of art lovers, collectors of art, specialists, and representatives from art galleries and art museums. Discussions included methods for dealing with the settlement of art-related conflicts by dispute resolution systems such as mediation and arbitration. The IDR Group was delighted to join with Ümit Hergüner and Eric Syz in staging a conference dealing with the increasingly important area of Art Law.

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